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Use Visual Studio Code for Salesforce Development(IDE)

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Use Visual Studio Code for Salesforce Development(IDE)

The Salesforce Development (IDE) Extension For Visual Studio Code

This extension is a companion for SFDC (Salesforce.com) development with Visual Studio Code.It is targeted at developers who want a lightweight and fast way to work with their Salesforce files.There’s no complicated setup process or project configurations, no external apps to keep open, and no jarring errors knocking you out of your flow.

  1. Install VSCode (based on your operating system)
  2. Install “ForceCode” extension on VS Code.Screenshot 2017-10-30 13.59.42
  3. After installation complete then restart VSCode.
  4. Go to File >> Open >> “Create New Folder” in your local drive.
  5. Go to “View” >> Command Palette >> Type “>ForceCode Menu”Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 2.08.08
  6. Enter your org User NameScreenshot 2017-10-30 14.10.15
  7. Enter your org Password + SecurityTokenScreenshot 2017-10-30 14.10.46
  8. Then select the type of org Sandbox/Production – Now you will see the Src folderScreenshot 2017-10-30 14.11.23
  9. Whether save change locally or serverScreenshot 2017-10-30 14.11.43
  10. You will have multiple option based on your need. For development select “Open Salesforce File” optionScreen Shot 2017-10-30 at 2.13.15
  11. Then choose which file you need using text box like below. After your selected component – that will add in your local src folder.Screen Shot 2017-10-30 at 2.27.36

Note: This will help you complete the development fast.IF you want to open another file the go to “View” >> Command Palette >> Select “ForceCode Menu” >> Select “Open Salesforce File” >> choose component.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

Reference Link: https://johnaaronnelson.gitbooks.io/forcecode/content/#overview

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