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Salesforce Two SOAP API

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Salesforce Two SOAP API

Types of SOAP API, Enterprise WSDL & Partner WSDL in Salesforce

Salesforce offers you 2 type of SOAP API

  1. Enterprise WSDL
  2. Partner WSDL

Enterprise WSDL:

  1. Strongly typed API – It represents your organization standard and custom objects and fields and functions.
  2. Easy to Use – You can reference your org objects and fields directly. Generate code call it. This make it very handy.
  3. Single organization solution – you can use for your org. can’t access other org.

Partner WSDL:

  1. Weakly Typed API – You have to deal with raw sObject. can’t reference object directly like Enterprise WSDL.
  2. Flexible to Use – This is not couple to one organization objects and structure.
  3. Multiple Org Solution – You can use describeObject API to pull structure and use your logic perform action.

Where to access those WSDL:

Salesforce Classic:

Login to Salesforce –> Click Setup (Right top corner under your name menu) –> Type API on the Quick Find text box –> Click API link


Click Settings Icon and click Setup Home

Type API on the Quick Find text box –> Click API link

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