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Salesforce Trailhead

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Salesforce Trailhead - Trails, Modules, Projects, Superbadges

Salesforce Trailhead

Salesforce Trailhead – Trails, Modules, Projects, Superbadges

Salesforce Trailhead: An Introduction

Are you ready to learn new Salesforce skills? Trailhead is the best way to grasp what you need when you need it quickly. It’s a visual learning experience that you control. We call this “learn on your own time” app.

Salesforce Trailhead is a new way to learn, earn certifications, and advance your career with Salesforce.com. Every step of your Salesforce learning journey starts on the Trailhead, which is fully searchable, mobile-friendly, and easy to use. Earn badges when you complete Trailhead modules, designed with the help of partners like you. Then get promoted in the community and become a Trailblazer by sharing what you’ve learned. 

What is Trailhead?

It is a very new word, right? Trailhead is the learning platform provided by Salesforce to learn about salesforce for free. In Trailhead the contents include

  • Videos
  • Screenshots
  • Images
  • Walkthroughs

which will be very easy to learn. Trailhead made this tedious learning process into an engaging and enjoyable learning process. 

On the home page of trailhead you can see numerous menus available. Under the learn tab you can see modules, projects, trails and trail mixes. 

Learn Salesforce:

There are different kinds of terminologies in Trailhead to indicate the contents. Those are 

  • Modules
  • Projects
  • Trails
  • Trailmixes
  1. Modules:Modules are the package of contents under a specific subject which may be a part of products or feature or skill. For example, Presentation is the skill right? There is a module in Trailhead to improve your presentation skills, the module name is called “Virtual Presentations”. Users can choose modules as per your interest. 

From the list of modules you can select any one module and start learning it. Inside a module you can see a list of units, which are submodules. As I said earlier, Modules help to learn a topic in the form of text, Images, screenshots, Videos and walkthroughs. Walkthrough is a step by step process explanation.

At the end of every unit you have to solve a quiz or hands on exercise in the playground. This will add marks to your profile. After completion of the whole module, you will get a badge in your profile.

  • Quiz (Challenges) – A series of multiple-choice questions that allow you to earn points by correctly answering them. These questions are based on the corresponding module.
  • Hands On Exercise (Playground) – A sandbox (testing environment) that gives you hands-on experience with features covered in the corresponding module. The Playground is ideal for practicing what you’ve learned or testing new things out without putting anything at risk. For example, you can use it to experiment with advanced Apex statements or with Lightning Process Builder actions without worrying about breaking anything in production. 
  1. Projects: Projects are designed for learners who are really interested in hands-on practices. It consists of step by step instructions to complete the hands-on exercises. Similar to modules after completion of the whole project, you will get a badge in your profile.
  1. Trails: Trails are the group of modules or projects or combination of both. In Trailhead there are 200+ trails available for different kinds of topics.  If you are a beginner for Salesforce, my strong suggestion is the ‘Admin Beginner’ trail, which consists of basic admin modules and projects.
  1. Trailmixes: Trailmix is a group of trails which contains a group of modules or projects. For example ‘Salesforce Developer’ Trailmix is made specifically for Developers and which has all the trails related to Salesforce development. 

Salesforce Credential

Salesforce Credentials like Super badge and Certifications helps you to earn credentials for your Salesforce skills.

  1. Super badge

Super Badge has a set of business requirements and hands on experience, by achieving it you can earn a super badge and prove your specialization in a particular area. It has a set of prerequisites, which has to be finished before opening the specialist badge. Super badge is just one step before getting certified in Salesforce.

For example, take the ‘Process Automation Specialist’ superbadge, as already said you have to complete prerequisite badges to unlock superbadge. After successful completion, the superbadge credential will be automatically added to your profile.

  1. Certifications

It is a credential to showcase your skills and grow your resume. It gives you a competitive edge to get new opportunities.Certifications are the milestones for anyone’s profile to be accumulated. Certifications cost around $200 to $400. 

My Trailhead 

Finally, a quick intro about the ‘For companies’ tab. In that tab there is an option called  “My trailhead’, which is for companies to give training to their employees. Companies can create their own trails for their employees only, it is not for students and it’s not free. 


Salesforce has many online resources that you can use to learn about the platform, but Trailhead is an online learning platform that helps you learn Salesforce. It is where you can build and progress through your Salesforce knowledge, and it’s integrated with the Salesforce platform. You can create an account for free at https://trailhead.salesforce.com/ 


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