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Introduction to Salesforce Trailhead – Get Started with Trailhead

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Introduction to Salesforce Trailhead – Get Started with Trailhead

Salesforce Trailhead Tutorial

Are you prepared to acquire new Salesforce competencies? The trailhead is the ideal place to immediately find what you need. It is a controlled visual learning process. This app is referred to as “study on your own time.” A new method to learn, obtain certifications, and enhance your career with Salesforce.com is through Salesforce Trailhead. The Trailhead, which is completely searchable, mobile-friendly, and simple to use, serves as the starting point for every step of your Salesforce learning journey. When you finish Trailhead modules that were created with partners like you in mind, you can earn badges. After that, advance in the community and become a Trailblazer by imparting your knowledge.

It is a very new word, right? Salesforce offers a free learning site called Trailhead where users may learn more about Salesforce. There are videos, screenshots, images, and walkthroughs in Trailhead. This is quite simple to learn. This tiresome learning process was made engaging and entertaining via Trailhead. There are many menu options accessible, as seen on the trailhead home page. You can find modules, projects, trails, and trail mix under the learn tab. Trailhead uses a variety of terms to denote its contents. Modules, Projects, Trails, and Trailmixes are those.

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