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Salesforce SOQL is not SQL

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Salesforce SOQL is not SQL

Explore The Differences And Learn How SOQL Works in Salesforce

Salesforce SOQL query is not working same way as SQL server Data Base query. why?

  1. Salesforce using Multitenant Architecture – Many organization using single instance including data base but each org will have their own virtual hardwares.
  2. Salesforce using Force.com platform – It is metadata driven architecture.
  3. Query language directly integrated with Apex so no need to establish the connection to database.

Due to above approach – Force.com platform having governor limits to allow all organization to access the metadata and database without any issues.

What are the consideration?

  • No implicit joins means not supporting SQL traditional joins.
  • Object relationships must be defined upfront.
  • Object can have parent to child relationships.
  • Dynamic and Implicit joins can’t be permitted.
  • You can’t connection 2 object that does not have direct relationship – To accomplish this you may have to use wrapper class to connect 2 object data.
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