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What is Salesforce Genie?  Turn Customer Data into Insights

 . Adminstrator  . What is Salesforce Genie?  Turn Customer Data into Insights

What is Salesforce Genie?  Turn Customer Data into Insights

Data Types in Slaesforce 

Salesforce launches Genie, a new data platform that will power the world’s first real-time CRM.

Salesforce, the worldwide CRM leader, launched Salesforce Genie, a hyper-scale real-time data platform that drives the complete Salesforce Customer 360 platform. With Genie, any organization can convert data into customer magic, delivering seamless, highly customized experiences across sales, service, marketing, and commerce that automatically adapt to changing customer data and demands in real-time.

Genie handles, effectively and in real time, every aspect of Customer 360.

“Every goal of the company is to use real-time data to create interesting, customized customer service.” ” That is why Genie was developed.

Salesforce Genie, the core of real-time Customer 360, ingests and retains vast amounts of real-time data streams, mixing them with Salesforce data records. Genie features built-in connectors for data from every interface (mobile, online, APIs), legacy data via MuleSoft, and historical information from internal information centers.

Genie drives the world’s first real-time CRM.

Genie now automates, automatically, and in real-time, every Customer 360 cloud and industry solution. The list of new Genie technologies, including strategic partnerships, is accessible.

Sales Cloud Genie:

With Sales Cloud, you can increase efficiency while minimizing cost.

Service Cloud Genie:

With Service Cloud, you can save costs while growing your team.


With Marketing Cloud, you can make your investment go far.

Commerce Cloud Genie:

Reduce your expenses. Increase your sales. Quickly adapt.

Platform Cloud Genie:

Salesforce Platform increases efficiency while lowering IT expenses.

Tableau Genie:

Analytics for everyone, everywhere.

Slack Genie:

Customer success increases when workflows are.

What is Genie’sGenie’s business impact?

Here are a few examples of how Salesforce Genie improves the customer experience:

One, you call customer service about a problem you’re having with a product. The merchant employs Commerce Cloud Genie and receives real-time notifications. It effectively halts your marketing and sales communications until your issue is fixed. Therefore, you avoid the kinds of routine, undesirable encounters that drive clients away.

Two, you lose your debit card and report it stolen. Someone attempts to make a purchase using your card within 5 minutes of reporting but is blocked immediately because the merchant uses Commerce Cloud Genie and receives up-to-the-second alerts. 

Three, with access to your real-time patient data, your health professional can give proactive counseling and treatment suggestions when milliseconds count.

Is this a data platform for customers (CDP)?

Salesforce Genie is a customer data platform that combines disparate data sources into a unified perspective. It implies that your client data is continuously updated with new information from any of their contacts. This complete customer profile record is viewable and actionable across the entire Salesforce product suite.

Salesforce Genie relates to marketing, sales, service, commerce, Tableau data analytics, the MuleSoft connectivity platform, and other applications.

Its constantly updated data, colossal scale, and unified profile also enable the following:

Every nanosecond, artificial intelligence refreshes its outputs.

Automated workflows that can instantly adjust to new data.

An unparalleled level of analytical precision.

What’s unique and innovative about this?

Salesforce Genie is an online data platform that integrates data in milliseconds and enables companies to respond quickly. It enables all your employees to adopt the experiences they deliver to whatever is going on in your customers’ world in real time. The product might be a sales offer for something a consumer is considering purchasing rather than something they have already purchased.

Salesforce Genie is your clients’ first real-time, linked data platform. Other consumer data systems on the market are only dedicated to marketing and commerce. It’sIt’s easier to provide your consumers with extraordinary experiences if your engagements are based on a fraction of what your firm knows about them.

What is the functionality of Salesforce Genie?

Salesforce Genie is an element of the Salesforce Platform, the engine that drives the Customer 360 experience. Salesforce Genie democratizes access to real-time data across all clouds and adds insight and automation to every sale, service, marketing, and commerce experience.

Connect all of your data sources.

Salesforce Genie helps you to process enormous amounts of data in real-time. Genie, like other Salesforce platform features, is developed with Salesforce metadata. So, for example, if your mobile application is open, it may be connected to Salesforce Genie.

Maintain your data accurately.

Once this happens, it makes no difference where each piece of data came from or how it was categorized at the time – it’sit’s all part of the account.

The First Customers Magic Platform

What if you could consolidate all your customer data into a single source of truth, regardless of channel or system? What if you could use real-time data to make your consumers feel more than just a number—like They understood them? Salesforce Genie, the first real-time platform for client magic, makes this possible.

Salesforce Genie provides the ability of real-time data to Customer 360, allowing you to build extraordinary experiences seamlessly.

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