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Salesforce Auto Number Data Types

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Salesforce Auto Number Data Types

Salesforce tutorial

A quick overview of Salesforce Data Types. Which type is recommended for every situation, and which type you should use? Also includes a video on how to quickly create numbers in salesforce.

This video covers how to set up Salesforce Data Types and how to create new records with Number, Currency and Auto Number data types. There are two things you can do if you are given the task of creating a field in Salesforce that needs to automatically assign numbers. You have to decide whether it should be a Number, Currency or Auto-Number. If you need information that needs to account for decimal places, then you need to use a currency data number. If you have dates or time-specific information then you need to use the Date or Time data types. If you need information but do not have any potential issues with decimals or time, then the easiest way is to just use an auto-number field.

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