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How to Create Rollup Summary Fields in Master

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How to Create Rollup Summary Fields in Master

Details Relationship in Salesforce?

In this video, Learn how to construct a Roll-up Summary Field in a master detail relationship in Salesforce.

One of the powerful tools in Salesforce that you can use to study your data without running summary reports is roll-up summaries. They can supply you with contact or household-specific data to examine and give you a quick rundown of related donations so you can get a sense of how involved the donor is with your cause.

Master records are displayed and related record values are computed using roll-up summary fields. The Master record is then automatically updated when the Roll-up field has checked for changes in associated records. The field can show the number of associated records that use a numeric, currency, or date field, as well as their sum, maximum, and minimum values. Only when the parent-child relationship is a master-detail relationship is this possible. On account records or any primary object that summarises the fields from its detailed record, you can construct roll-up summaries of the Opportunities.

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