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New Idea for Full Sandbox Refresh. Please vote!!!!

 . Idea  . New Idea for Full Sandbox Refresh. Please vote!!!!

New Idea for Full Sandbox Refresh. Please vote!!!!

Make Sure That Sandbox Refresh Completes Quickly in Salesforce

We are facing full sandbox refresh delay many times (almost 3 days) due to org storage is more than 300 GB. We should wait for few days complete the sandbox refresh. Due to this we are having lot issue in sandbox with data for example – Sandbox copying “Account” data from PROD at same time apex batch job also running and updating account but Account object data completed before apex batch job completes. Due to this sandbox, does not have enough data to perform testing in Full sandbox. Totally stuck. Need to spend lot of time to fix the data in full sandbox.

Current system – Once started sandbox refresh we can see that status and percentage (%) of refresh.

Good to Have:  Split in to multiple step of sandbox refresh

  1. Start Refresh with create environment
  2. Copy Data
  3. Activate Sandbox

Start Refresh with create environment: When admin click this button, it should create only new instance with metadata configuration like Developer/Developer Pro sandbox without data.

Copy Data: Once step 1 is completed this link button should enable. When admin click this link button, it should copy data from PROD to sandbox and show object level copy completion/In progress. For example,

User-added image

Activate Sandbox: Activating Sandbox.

Note: This feature required for only large customers who having more than 200 GB data storage and built enterprice application inside salesforce. This can be given as feature who need they can enable it in their org.

Please use this link for vote – https://success.salesforce.com/ideaView?id=0873A000000E4j0QAC

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