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 . Lightning  . Flow  . LIGHTNING FLOW IN SALESFORCE (Part 3)


Here we discussed below about Flow templates and which template is salesforce implemented.

Flow have following templates to build a process :

  • Screen Flows
  • Auto Launched Flow
  • Contact Request Flow
  • Lightning Scheduler Flow
  • User Provisioning Flow

Flow having above mentioned templates and salesforce can be implemented by following two ways,

  • Screen Flows
  • Auto Launched Flow

Screen Flow :

  • In screen flow, there will be a series of screen elements to gather information from the user and perform some operations. Screen flows can be accessed from custom buttons, custom links, Visualforce Pages etc. This type of flow is implemented if a user interaction is needed in the process.
  • Guides users through a business process that’s launched from Lightning pages, communities, quick actions, and more.

Auto Launched Flow :

  • In this flow Launches when invoked by Apex, processes, REST API, and more. This auto launched flow runs in the background and without any user interaction.

Difference between Flow Builder Vs Process Builder :

Flow BuilderProcess Builder
Flows allow you to add screens where users can enter dataProcess Builders do not have this capability
Flows can be Auto-Launched or started by usersProcess Builders run automatically
Flows can have different and more complex orders of operationsProcess Builder actions are executed in the order in which they appear in the process definition

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