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How to monitor API Usage?

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How to monitor API Usage?

Monitor API Usage Data Using Salesforce API Usage

There are 3 way you can analysis the API Usage

  1. Last 24 hours usage
  2. Notification for API Usage
  3. API Usage Report

Last 24 hours usage:

Goto setup -> search “System Overview” in the QuickFind text box –> Click “System Overview”


Notification for API Usage:

Goto setup -> search “API Usage Notification” in the QuickFind text box –> Click “API Usage Notification” -> Click “New” button and create your notification setup.


API Usage Report:

Copy and append “/00O?rt=104” URL with your domain URL then you will see the “API Calls Made Within Last 7 Days” report.

Foe Example, https://n30.salesforce.com/00O?rt=104


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