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For New Salesforce Developer Community Members

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For New Salesforce Developer Community Member - SathishSFDC

For New Salesforce Developer Community Members

For New Salesforce Developer Community Member – SathishSFDC

Salesforce developer community is one of the best way to learn salesforce.com like saas (Sales Cloud, Service Cloud) and paas (Force.com Platform out of box and custom development). You can connect with other salesforce developers. If you are new to salesforce and developer community  please follow below source to improve your self and utilize the opportunity.

– There are lot of free study documents available in “Resource” menu. If you are new to Salesforce and developer community, please start from Get Started. And also there is user group in success community called Success – Getting Started, Please join the conversation and talk to others and begin your carrier.

Trailhead is one the greatest way to learn Salesforce. There are multiple level of assignment available like Beginner, Intermediate, Expert. If you are new to salesforce please use “Beginner” related assignment based on which are you want to be expert – For example – If you want to be Administrator then choose Admin related Trails. once you completed your modules you will getting salesforce trailhead Badge for each module. Each module you will have real time use case like “How to create a field?”, “How to create workflow rule?” ect. This will show you are learning salesforce with best way to others.

– please choose “salesforce developer meetup group” near by your location and lean about salesforce and all new releases. Please use this URL (http://www.meetup.com/pro/salesforcedevs/) to find user group near by your location. I used to participate Chennai Meetup group when I was in India and learnt lot of feature that I am now aware. Now I am part of Meetup group near me. You have option to connect with other developers/Admin/Architect/business users through meetup group and learn new things. Sometime you will get different thought – why I want to be part of Developer meetup group? Why can’t use release notes and learn? My Answer would be – Some time you will get confuse with some technical terms from the document(If you new to salesforce), collaboration is the one of the best way to share and gather knowledge easily.

– Use Developer Forum to ask Q&A between you and other forum developers. You can post your question and get answer/suggestion from many developers. You can ask any salesforce development related question in the forum and you will be getting different kind of answer. Those answer will help you to understand, how many way this functionality can be archived and choose best approach.

-If you actively participating Salesforce developer community – you will be monitored by salesforce community group and nominated you for the MVP program.

Note: To be honest with you guys – I learn lot of things through meetup group.

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