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Companies Using Salesforce CRM | Salesforce in Different Industries

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Companies Using Salesforce CRM | Salesforce in Different Industries

Companies Using Salesforce CRM | Salesforce in Different Industries

Salesforce Presence – Any Industry, Can do wonders!


Every business in any industry needs to match the growing speed of customer specifications. It is possible with digital transformation. Here comes the importance of Salesforce, one of the world’s leading customer relationship management developing companies. Salesforce CRM in any area can do wonders and improve the quality of relationships with customers, which is the key factor of any business development. Salesforce helps companies optimize their workflow and increase revenue using powerful tools, insightful analytics, forecasting, service automation, and a lot more to speak about industry-wise. Let’s quickly jump into detailed info about each industry and the importance of Salesforce in each sector

Salesforce in Different Industry

1. Salesforce in Financial Industry

Financial Industry like banks, capital markets, uses the financial cloud, this uses artificial intelligence to provide opportunity management features, that helps to offer personalized solutions. With the invention of Salesforce, digital experience, customer visit in-person to a bank is lessening. Salesforce CRM has created a trusted relationship and helped customers reach their goal with the predictive journey and proactively address top priorities. Salesforce CRM helps to streamline the loan process to meet customer satisfaction.

Merits of Salesforce in the Financial Sector:

  • Fast regulatory changes in mortgages and the lending process 
  • Standardize next level concerning customer care
  • Analysis of financial reports is easy.
  • Track and automate commercial lending progress

Companies in the Financial service industry using Salesforce CRM are JP Morgan Chase & Co., Cyntrexa, BNP Paribas Limited and many more.

 2. Salesforce in Communication Industry

Salesforce in the Communication Industry comes with data-built models to communicate seamlessly and meet telecom industry standards. This service helps quickly launch personalized offers for the customer, which significantly increases the company’s digital presence and engagement. It also uses automated personalized SMS services and mails that increase customer satisfaction and loyalty. It also has predictive analytics to allow users to make better strategic decisions.

Merits of Salesforce in Communication Industry:

  • Network Management is simplified with the features available in Salesforce.
  • Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance to any business and is made easy with various features of Salesforce CRM to have perfect customer management.
  • Increased customer numbers make it difficult to track and follow up with the customer. So Salesforce CRM has developed automated solutions to address the issue.
  • With the help of Salesforce CRM, data mining is taken a step further for a predictive analysis based on customer habits and behaviors.
  • Salesforce helps in framing marketing strategy with the data available.

Companies in the Communication industry using Salesforce CRM Aricent Inc, Aricent Group, Motorola Inc and many more.

3. Salesforce in Healthcare Industry

Salesforce has developed a health cloud solution to address all the patients’ needs of existing and future patients’ demands based on the available data. It provides a seamless connection with the patients and thus creates a personalized healthcare experience. Salesforce CRM tools give info about a patient’s appointment pre and post-treatment ongoing medications on a single screen. Any department can use them with centralized information and secured news.

Merits of Salesforce in Healthcare Industry:

  • Streamlined key access info about the patient to doctors, nurses, staff members, etc., anywhere and in no time.
  • Security of data regarding the patients is maintained.
  • Helps in optimizing treatment and work processes.
  • Share info safely on any device.
  • The time involved is lessened due to the availability of information at one go.

Companies in the Healthcare industry using Salesforce CRM are Aetna Inc., Amgen Inc and many more

4. Salesforce in Media Industry

Salesforce in the Media industry helps collect, clean, organize, and view customer data. Rapid launch of subscription services for video and audio streaming. It helps in understanding the customer behavior and by analyzing their interests. Salesforce can provide clarity on customer likes and dislikes through social media feedback. Salesforce CRM for media manages customer relationships with effective advertising tools to reduce the sales cycle and increase revenue.

Merits of Salesforce in Media Industry:

  • Build an advertising plan, all in one place
  • Distribution of content globally
  • Streamline licensing and contract negotiations.
  • Increase revenue
  • Increasing Market opportunity

Companies in the Media industry using Salesforce CRM are ABS-CBN, Financial

Times and many more

5. Salesforce in Manufacturing Industry

The manufacturing cloud is built to meet industry needs. Salesforce CRM  is one platform to manage customer-centric operations across the business. It works with your existing and also new opportunities for the manufacturing process. The Salesforce manufacturing tool delivers critical information to the manufacturing business, allowing it to provide the correct product at the right time.

Merits of Salesforce in Manufacturing Industry:

  • Commercial operations advancements provide a comprehensive picture of new opportunities, customer agreements, long-term project information, and precise sales forecasting.
  • Automation of services to provide the customer with end to end support
  • Simplifying dealers, distributors, reps, and resellers agreements.
  • Speed decision-making process based on data availability
  • Helps to increase the revenue growth of customers and support them anywhere they are.

Companies in the Manufacturing industry using Salesforce CRM are BlueScope Steel, KONE and many more.

6. Salesforce in Automotive Industry

Salesforce CRM to automate seamless transitions services to the customer. The Salesforce automotive cloud helps in knowing the customer expectations in each stage of the product cycle and also after the product is delivered the customer support is provided with automated info available about the customer address, pickup and drop of the vehicle with the data-centric options, car due for service in a service center, etc.

Merits of Salesforce in the Automotive Industry:

  • Seamless journey in every stage of the customer life cycle.
  • Salesforce helps to listen to customer preferences and thus help in building loyalty
  • Engage prospects wherever they are online, on any device, or any other social media, and at any time.
  • Salesforce allows drivers to give them a more personal and connected experience.
  • Innovation is possible at a faster speed with more customized options.

Companies in the Automotive industry using Salesforce CRM are Toyota Motors, BOMBARDIER RECREATIONAL PRODUCTS, Mercedes-Benz and many more.

7. Salesforce in the Education industry

Salesforce CRM  helps to get full info of prospective Students and alumni info all in one place. Salesforce educational cloud can help students realize their full potential. Recruitment and admissions, student experience, achievement, and operation team use one integrated platform to capture the valuable information to drive learners and institution success.

Merits of Salesforce in Education Industry:

  • Salesforce CRM in the educational industry helps to connect all the information from everybody, from everywhere, and from every point of contact about the prospects, students, alumni, donors, and affiliates under one platform to enable you and the institute to make a smarter decision.
  • Recruitment of the right students is possible with the tools that help us give detailed info about the students.
  • The student experience can be obtained with Salesforce educational cloud, as the student who is currently studying and alumni can share any info on any device in any media from not stopping them with any restriction. 

Companies in the Education industry using Salesforce CRM are McGraw Hill, NMIMS Global Access School For Continuing Education

8. Salesforce in Consumer goods

Salesforce in consumer goods helps managers to make decisions regarding targets, orders, discounts, promotions, and all the activities in business in one single platform. Salesforce CRM allows the sales rep to understand the customer, analyze the data, and make decisions according to customer needs.

Merits of Salesforce in Consumer Goods:

  • Improve store planning with the help of consumer goods cloud
  • Streamlining sales rep with activities.
  • Helps in inventory management
  • Comprehensive data collection help in decision making
  • Online orders made possible.

Companies in Consumer goods industry using Salesforce CRM are Coca Cola,Titan

Company and many more.

9. Salesforce in the Public sector

Salesforce in the government sector helps agencies to build a stronger relationship between citizens, employees, government services by providing all the information needed. Salesforce CRM, world trusted, is designed to help the public sector build and maintain communities. It has made a flexible and scalable platform to modernize, such as licensing, permitting, and inspections. Many public sector processes and services are digitized with the invention of Salesforce CRM.

Merits in Salesforce in Public Sector

  • Trusted CRM in the public sector.
  • Speedy process after digitalization.
  • Building a strong relationship between the citizens and governments.
  • Reduce approval time for any government official with Salesforce.
  • Easy in government-organized programs, be it health, child welfare, etc., with data available using Salesforce CRM.

Public sectors using Salesforce CRM are DIR (Department of Information Resources,Defense Agency,Federal Civilian,Local Government and many more.

10. Salesforce in Transportation & Logistics Industry

The use of Salesforce in the Transportation & Logistics Industry can help and improvise the journey of drivers, shippers, and travelers. All the challenges faced by logistics can be addressed by one platform: Salesforce CRM. The shipping process is simplified and can track any info.

Merits of Salesforce in Transportation & Logistics Industry:

  • Efficient management of all transit points in the shipping industry.
  • The direction of route and time in real-time in shipping logistics.
  • Speedy process related to shipment
  • Increase in sales and marketing
  • Process of automation made simple and fast process in the transportation industry

Companies in the Transportation and Logistics industry using Salesforce CRM are Penske Logistics, Maersk Line and many more.

11. Salesforce in Retail Industry

Salesforce in the Retail Industry has made the retailers keep customer needs at the top of their minds. The Salesforce tool helps in making the marketing strategy smarter by delivering the right offer to shoppers at the right time and place in the right channel. It can be through social media, the web, emails, etc. Discounts and promotions can be mailed to the customer immediately and convert the customer and prospects into loyal ones.

Merits in Salesforce in Retail Industry

  • Understanding the customer better.
  • Reach customers with promotions and discounts from anywhere and on any device.
  • Develop marketing strategy with customer needs in mind.
  • Integrating with Finance, Sales, Marketing, Services for decision making.
  • Customer support after sales which are important aspects to be considered.

Companies in Retail industry using Salesforce CRM Retail Cloud are Loreal, Pepe Jeans and many more.

12. Salesforce in Nonprofit Organization

Salesforce in Nonprofit Organization helps in fundraising and organizing programs built with a holistic view. It manages key information, which is helpful in fundraising. Salesforce tools take care of ongoing operations and activities.

Merits of Salesforce in Nonprofit Organization:

  • More organized with the use of Salesforce CRM.
  • Increase the operational efficiency
  • Almost all non-profit organizations have the same work pattern, with some differences. The customization is possible with Salesforce CRM.
  •  Reporting the accuracy is possible with Salesforce CRM.
  • Cost-effective, so a non-profit organization goes for it.

Nonprofit organizations using Salesforce CRM are  Big Brothers Big Sisters of America, Pencil Of Promise and many more.


Thus, Salesforce CRM comes with a product that suits the industry-specific requirements that enable a business to handle the operation tactfully. Customer satisfaction is the main importance of any business. With the use of Salesforce tools, any firm across the globe can increase customer satisfaction and loyalty with the help of different features available in Salesforce. Hence, complex data from a diverse set of data sources like Salesforce tools to carry out insightful analysis is easy.


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