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Salesforce Trailhead Tutorial Are you prepared to acquire new Salesforce competencies? The trailhead is the ideal place to immediately find what you need. It is a controlled visual learning process. This app is referred to as "study on your own time."

What is Salesforce? Salesforce Explained Salesforce is going to digitally change your company for the better tomorrow. CRM services are provided by Salesforce, a cloud-based software platform (a strategy or technique businesses use to maintain healthy customers or potential customer relationships).

Salesforce in Nonprofit Organization Over the last few years, Salesforce has grown and is used in all industries. It is used efficiently in Non-profit organizations (Nonprofit Organization is an organization not to share income between the members, directors, or officers. It is an

What is Salesforce Net Zero Cloud? Salesforce Net Zero Cloud enables organizations to collect, analyze, categorize and report greenhouse gas emission data throughout the organizational business activities to gain accurate, critical insights about carbon footprint. Sustainability cloud once called, now it

Salesforce Certification:  Understanding and navigating through the different levels: A blog about Salesforce Certifications along with helpful tips to take the right path. Salesforce certifications can help you gain credibility, demonstrate mastery of industry best practices, validate your experience and give you