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Best Reasons Why Salesforce is Best Beyond 

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Best Reasons Why Salesforce is Best Beyond CRM

Best Reasons Why Salesforce is Best Beyond 

Is Salesforce CRM or beyond CRM?

What is Salesforce CRM?

CRM drives success in all areas of business, be it sales, customer service, business development, recruiting, marketing, or any other business.CRM, thus being an effective way to manage a business, can be external relationships or interactions.CRM helps to make the information customer interaction available. With east access to collaborate and increase the productivity and overall performance of the business with customization options.CRM can not only make customers happy but also brings new customers into a business.

What is Salesforce beyond CRM?

Salesforce  beyond CRM will make customers happy,satisfied,, gain customer loyalty, and many  more

What does this mean is going right in your mind now, right?

Let us detail:

Salesforce is now more than just a CRM. Rather, it’s a complete platform for operating your company. Salesforce, along with the extensive AppExchange ecosystem, has every solution for businesses to conduct their company operations without depending on existing Salesforce’s ecosystem.

Salesforce CRM has gone a step further to run a business completely,means to say entire business operations are handled efficiently along with AppExchange ecosystem.

When we started Salesforce,it was concentrated fully on the Sales area but now name any department,Salesforce is present be it marketing , human resource, finance department , etc

The most important factor for success is technological innovation. Customers can concentrate on building their businesses when they work with a technology partner like Salesforce. Simultaneously, Salesforce can continue to make technological advances and provide the resulting innovation to clients. As a result, customers are ready for today and the future.

Some say, Salesforce being the brain of the organization does not mandatory rely on CRM or other products, it is excellent in dealing with integration. A few examples will better understand the concept of integration.

Example 1:


Pardot is a software as a service platform (SaaS) that is used for email automation, targeted email campaigns, tracking customer behavior, and even campaign optimization.It is B2B marketing automation by Salesforce.

Example 2:

Einstein AI

The Einstein Artificial Intelligence tool is to innovate and automate with AI in Salesforce. We use Einstein AI for better performance. app for customers and employees on a complete artificial intelligence platform.

Example 3

Financial Force

FinancialForce provides a comprehensive, customer-centric picture of your business on Salesforce’s #1 cloud platform, with integration of CRM and ERP.

Example 4


Drawloop in Salesforce is a no-code solution that automates document production and delivery using Salesforce data.

Example 5

IOT Cloud

An IoT cloud is a large network that supports IoT devices and applications. This comprises the underlying infrastructure, servers, and storage required for real-time operations and processing.

Example 6.


Google Analytics provides you with free tools for understanding the customer journey and improving marketing.


This platform is beyond impressive to us as a set of technologists who have all spent their careers in technology. The amount of time spent integrating data with traditional platforms is massive in scope. Creating a succession of purpose-built apps on the same platform with easy access to data helps programmers like us to focus on the real difficulties and achieve the real goal: bringing value to our clients.

True Salesforce is not just CRM but it is beyond CRM.


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