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I have been working with Salesforce for quite a while, so don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions or want some advice.

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About My Salesforce Development Experience

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About My Salesforce Development Experience

About Sathish SFDC- Salesforce Development Experience Journey

I have started my salesforce by accident – I was working on SharePoint 2007 designer and one of my practices lead asked me “are you interested work salesforce?”. I was so confused and did little more analysis about salesforce.com, that was happened 2009. Finally I got positive response from my analysis and started learning salesforce.com. I always look for new technology. My employer provided Dev 401 and Dev 501 training – initially I was feeling very bad later it became very interesting. why? I was working sharepoint before start salesforce, i felt salesforce also have similar kind of functionality like workflow and approval process. Finally completed Dev 401 and Dev 501 certification. I don’t feel any complex on the Apex, Trigger because my original background was C#.Net. In my 6+ years salesforce journey earned 7 certification and working on technical architect exam.

After that I started working on real implementation (Service Cloud and Customer Portal) and had lot of blocker place, so we started using salesforce community and developer community to find the answer. Salesforce community is very good place to share your knowledge to others and get answer from other for your questions. Please find my salesforce success community and developer community profile

Now a days I started posting answer to question and some times I use to setup skype call and help them to understand the requirement and complexity of functional requirement and salesforce limitation.

If you actively participating salesforce community there is possibility you will become salesforce MVP. Salesforce community is one of the great place to learn new things for experience people and beginners.

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